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smartmetering, smartwatering, smartgrid, smartcities are all deployed globally and gives new opportunities for persons and households, with higher awareness of how to "go green and climate friendly" in the daily use of electricity and water.

alegio provides information and know-how to reduce the carbon footprint by the immediate use of solar & wind capabilities. This is  utilized by the latest smartmetering techniques, to be rolled out by the utilities already now.

alegio brings smart climate technique awareness, focusing on the EU & UN targets #6 & #7 to reduce water waste, and bring forward clean energy, by the deploy of both smartmetering & smartwatering capacity, with latest technique and knowledges brought to your utility.

alegio gives latest know-how to implement latest smartmetering and smartwatering technique  fast and efficient in your utility, based upon several EU references from last 15 years.

alegio share our knowledges for the smart utility that want to make a difference in the climate change.


alegio has one target only - to support your utility in the climate change efforts - to reach the immediate effects in the use of green electricity and also the reduction of water waste.

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[smartmetering]  +
[usage awareness]  = 
[green electricity]


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next generation smartmeters
enables climate awareness 

alegio has over 15+ years of smartmeter knowledge and evolution, several references from full deployment in Nordics and Europe of smartmetering platforms, with use of the latest techniques.

Roll-out of smartmetering with increased usage awareness of the electricity consumption, together with clear transition towards solar and wind micro production capabilities, enables increased green electricity provisioning. 

alegio engaged in smartcities climate awareness via smartmetering & smartwatering techniques

alegio combines gained experiences over the years in order to provide smart advice to the utilities - in for a climate change.

smartmetering + smartwatering = smartcities.


Move for increased green electricity and minimized water waste !

alegio currently in field test of AI & app based smartwatering devices

alegio currently field test smartwatering devices using AI/ML and image processing for quick deploy of water consumption patterns for the end users.

alegio establish cooperations between universities, leading research & development utilities for provsioning of smartwatering devices for increased usage awareness.

[smartwatering]  + 

[usage awareness]  =
[minimized water waste]



[smartmetering] +

[smartwatering] = [smartcitites]


alegio #1 mission is to increase green electricity usage and minimize the water waste - with use of smart advice - for the utilities in for a climate change

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Why not take contact or visit us in beautiful Vaxholm over a cup of coffee?


Alegio is a small company with broad utility networks and we are happy to share our mission and how we can support in your climate change efforts.


We are specialists in smartmetering, smartgrid, smartcities, smartwatering with smart utility advice


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